SEKO Forklift Scales- Optimize Your Profitability!

Thanks for your interest in SEKO scales. Here are some frequently asked questions about this system:


How accurate is this system compared to other types of on-board scales? The SEKO Scale Modules do not rely on hydraulic pressure like other scales, so they are not affected by mast height, restricted hydraulic ports, or the way the load sits on the forks.  Here’s a point to consider: SEKO scales perform at 1/10 of 1%! This performance is the standard for “legal for trade” certification, meaning that third-party tests prove them to be extremely accurate and reliable. You aren’t likely to meet that certification with a hydraulic-type scale!

How easy are they to install on my lift truck? Here’s another area where these scales really shine! They vary slightly depending on whether you choose a wired or full wireless model, but installation is minutes, not hours, and can be done by  almost anybody!  Simply slide the forks off the carriage, put the scale modules on, and slide the forks onto the modules. Install the display where it is convenient for the operator, and you are back to making profit! No hydraulic fitting to source and match, no potential oil leaks, and most importantly, no extended downtime!

How soon will these pay for themselves, and how much more profitable will they be vs. a floor scale? This is the best part about these scales: they pay for themselves quickly in reduced labour costs, reduced wear and tear on equipment, and reduced issues related to inaccurate weighing. But the actual time frame will depend on the model of scale you choose and the specific situation of your worksite. Fill in this quick form to recieve personalized results sent to you:



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