About Forklift Central

Thank you for joining us at FORKLIFT CENTRAL.  Let me give you a quick idea of why we are here and  what we are about.

When I started in the forklift industry years ago ( I was originally a journeyman automotive technician), I found lots of sales and operator training material for the industry. What was missing was good content and info for the technician and other professionals (eg: service managers, parts technicians, etc). While there are some forums available, I wanted informative content for the professional who was trying to progress and excel in his work. So, I started ForkliftCentral.

You will find this to be the center for helpful articles, good information, and resources to help you perform at your best. Our objective is to develop the forklift professional. This is where we can put the best thinking, practices, and people in the industry in one central place. We will give value to each member and encourage everybody to give back… Share your expertise, problems, stories, and anything that will help others. This site is for professionals, not prowlers, so we expect everything to stay clean, in good taste, and on-topic.

We strive to give value, including informative articles (usually with Amazon links  to save you time looking for discussed items), a sense of community (subscribe to join the movers and shakers in the industry), and advice on how to take your game to the next level. We do not cater to those who are not interested in personal growth and excellence. If you are a forklift professional with drive, skill, and a desire to be a top-performer, join us!

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