Blue Safety Lights….Bright Idea or Not?

Photo Credit: Intella Lift Parts
Blue Safety Lights – A Powerful Safety Device

If you spend any significant amount of time in a modern warehouse or cross dock, you have likely seen a bright blue dot moving across the floor directly behind the forklifts. While they are relatively new to the industry, they are quickly becoming a mandatory safety item in many industrial environments.  They offer some very unique advantages over backup alarms and other devices. Here are a few of the key things to consider:

  • Blue Safety Lights are not affected by sound. In busy industrial environments, the sound level can drown out a backup alarm. In fact, applications like mills often require the use of hearing protection, which directly hinders alarms as a safety device.  Blue Safety lights are not affected by these concerns, making them an ideal device for these applications.
  • Blue Safety lights are directional. In areas with multiple forklifts operating at once, the ambient noise and multiple alarms often make it impossible to distinguish where the sound is coming from. Blue Safety lights are very clear and definite- See a blue dot, know equipment is moving. In addition, you can immediately tell which direction the equipment is traveling, even if it is hidden around a corner or racking. This is a distinct advantage over simple strobes.
  • Blue Safety lights are intuitive. Visitors and those not familiar with industrial environments do not need training to recognize the visual aspect. It is very instinctive to follow movement with the eye, even if they are distracted, wearing headphones, talking, or otherwise not fully aware. This is not an excuse for lack of appropriate orientation training, but with the current litigious society, businesses can never overdue safety precautions.
  • Blue Safety lights do not contribute to workplace noise. OSHA regulations mandate maximum noise levels, but even below those thresholds, most operators dislike excessive noise.
  • Blue Safety lights are ideal for electric forklifts. As the industry has quickly adapted to the use of electrics for lower emissions and operating costs, an unexpected issue has been the safety concerns of pedestrian/forklift interaction. Silent electric forklifts benefit greatly from the increased awareness offered by Blue Safety Lights.
  • Blue Safety lights are cost-effective. They are built using ultra bright LEDs which are so long lasting they can be considered a lifetime bulb. Compare this to audible alarms and strobes, which require periodic replacement. This saves on maintenance costs, and replacement parts costs. Even if you use these Blue Safety lights in addition to these other devices, it is good to know they won’t substantially affect costs after initial installation. Installation is simple, and the low power consumption does not load electrical systems substantially.  In addition, they are compatible with various voltage

You can purchase these  lights or get more details by clicking here.

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