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Wow! Forklift Posts Gone Viral!

Who knew forklifts were so interesting and engaging? 3 recent posts have gone viral, with views and feedback skyrocketing.
Obviously, these posts have touched a nerve. Since our goal here is to develop outstanding professionals by informing, inspiring, and engaging, I wanted to highlight these posts so people can revisit them and share them with like-minded professionals in the forklift world.
So, here are 3 quick summaries with the links to save you the trouble of digging to find them.

forklift myths

1.Busted! 3 Forklift Myths Exposed 
This deals with 3 common things that are often misunderstood in the forklift world. Where do you stand on these issues?


forklift in winter

2. 10 Ways to Keep Winter From Winning
The weather is definitely changing…what does that mean for your forklift? This gives you a good understanding of what you need to deal with.



3. 10 Ways to Get Rid of Customers
This post exploded! Why? Because it deals with rubber-meets-road issues that we deal with every day. While it was written with mobile technicians in mind, it fits any service industry perfectly.

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