Technician Resources

Sometimes, all you need is the right information! So here is a list of some good resources for the forklift technician. I intend to update this list periodically, and will also post it as a page to make it easy to access and use. If you have ANY suggestions, or you have info you’d like to share, please contact me via the link at the bottom of the page.

Motor Specs:

1. MotorPowerInc  This site has torque specs and engine data for many common industrial engines.

Lift Chain Information:

1. Chaintec  Some basic info on identifying leaf and roller chains.

Electric forklift tech support:

1. Flight Systems Industrial Products Forum Information and discussion regarding  materials handling and electric motive equipment.


1. Cylinder head repair checklist Quick checklist to help avoid comebacks. See my checklist post.


1. Proper Battery Maintenance Information on battery care, including a printable sheet to give to your customers.

Material Handling Catalogs:

1. Canadian Catalog From MasonLift. Skip the first few pages, and find lots of good tools etc.

2. US Catalog From ToyotaLift of MN. Skip the first few pages, and find lots of good tools etc.


1. Amazon This may seem obvious, but lots of good prices and hard-to-find tools can be found here. Plus, if you use this link (for ANYTHING, not just tools!) it also helps support ForkliftCentral!

Oil specs and info:

1. Ask Mobil Great info, plus they will answer your questions regarding fluid types, compatibility, etc.

Forklift tires:

1. Camoplast Basic information on specs and sizing,.

2. ToyotaLift of Minnesota Discusses wear limits, etc.

Here are just a few resources. We will update and improve the list periodically.

What are we missing? Tell us what type of resource you need or know about! 

One thought on “Technician Resources

  1. Great work on your blog my friend!

    I just got a new job as maintenance man at a start up freeze dry company called American Freeze Dry. Should be interesting.



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