Checklists… Professional or Amateur?

Sometimes we miss the value of the simple things. We buy fancy tools and are amazed at their performance. We like to have the fastest and best of everything. We try to upgrade our advanced skills. But sometimes the best tools are also the simplest. Take the humble checklist for example. Some people might feel like a checklist is an amateur thing.  A seasoned pro doesn’t need one.


Here’s some information: surgeons, pilots, rocket scientists, and many more professionals in highly critical industries rely on checklists to keep people alive. Studies have shown that most “doctor error” caused deaths are simple errors, and virtually disappear when hospitals implement a surgery checklist system. These are not dummies or amateurs.  Checklists improve outcomes for professionals.

surgery checklist


A technician can reduce his likelihood of comebacks or lost labor time by using good checklists for specific tasks. We use preventative maintenance checklists, but what about other repair tasks? An example is this headgasket checklist.

What checklists do you use? What “best practices” do you have written to keep your performance top-notch? Share them with us!

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