Poor housekeeping is an issue often overlooked when management is trying to save money. Here is an example of one time that simple cleanliness would have saved THOUSANDS!

The operator had been running over loose shrink wrap in the yard, and suddenly found himself with a forklift that would not drive… Absolutely no transmission operation at all. A quick check showed this driveshaft full of debris and wrap, but simple removal did not remedy the problem. After finding that there was zero flow of fluid in the transmission, I decided it required a post-mortem!

The wrap had been forced through the driveshaft seal, worked through the bearing, and proceeded to fill EVERYTHING with a plastic confetti. Torque convertor, valves, clutch packs, bearings… Eventually, the customer decided to opt for a complete new transmission rather than replace components and try flushing passages.

So… After travel to the remote customer site, cartage to/from the shop, diagnosis, transmission and labour…. That $.50 shrink wrap actually costs about $8000.00, but could have been avoided by some simple preventative housecleaning. Time will tell if the lesson has been learned.

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